Sharon Rose Custom/Judah Avenue

December 23, 2020

The Story:

Judah Avenue is a team of talented, renowned photographers who work in tandem to offer families and couples the very best in luxury photoshoots for weddings, maternity, newborn, cake smash and family photo sessions in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area.

Sharon Rose Custom is the home of Gorgeous Maternity Gowns, Maternity Dresses and Baby Shower dresses

Both businesses are owned and operated by the same person. A vibrate entrepreneur that has created two successful brands.


Judah Avenue needed a predictable way to communicate with their clients and potential customers on a regular basis.

Sharon Rose Custom was a new business and initially needed traffic to the website as well database of potential customers and a way to market to them on a regular basis.


Judah Avenue

We created a beautiful monthly newsletter, highlighting new photoshoots and events as well as the latest blog articles and promotions.

Sharon Rose Custom

We created a viral competition to quickly build a email list as well as a monthly newsletter

Setup Google Ads account

In-depth keyword research

Because of the lack of historical data and the small to medium sized budget we focused on high intent-bottom of the funnel keywords. This minimizes wasted spend and increases the likelihood of sales.

Effective Text Ads

Sharon Rose Custom started out selling maternity dresses specifically for photoshoots. Therefore to differentiate we had to make sure our copy expressed that to the targeted audience.

Google Shopping Feed Optimization

Creating a product feed in Google Merchant Center, making sure all products are approved and optimized to appear for the most relevant search terms in Google Shopping.


56% Overall

We were able to get an average 40% open rate on the Judah Avenue newsletter, we also built an email list of 1000 new contacts for Sharon Rose Custom and maintain an average open rate of 20%.


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