Paid Advertising 101 in South Africa

April 29, 2020

Paid Adverting

I’m sure you have heard the saying “if you build it then they will come” but that is not always the case in business. Many business owners have a beautiful website designed but soon find out that nobody is finding the site. It is a ghost town 🙂

That is where paid advertising can help to drive traffic to your website and if done right, that traffic will be highly targeted and converting.

Molly Pittman who is an expert in paid advertising says“Paid Traffic is the ROAD that gets the right eye balls on your products and services”

There are many platforms to use, but the big three are Google, Facebook and Youtube.

”The Big 3 Traffic Platform” 
• YouTube = similar to TV 

• Facebook = modern day billboard

• Google = similar to Yellow Pages 

Paid Traffic vs Organic Traffic

Paid Traffic = a water hose 

• You can turn it on and off whenever you want! 

• You have control of where the traffic is going(based on what you want to achieve) 

• You have to pay for it, but if you know how to acquire customers at break even, you win

Organic Traffic = rain

• You aren’t sure when traffic will come or how consistently

• You can’t stop someone else from shutting off the traffic 

• You can’t always control where it’s going 

• Builds authority with Search Engines

Questions to think about before starting with Paid Advertising

Whom do you serve?

What value do you deliver?

How will you articulate that value to your target market?

How will you acquire customers predictably and profitably?

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