September 28, 2020

The Story:

Myspace is a manufacturer of quality beds in South Africa. They pride themselves on the quality of our platform bed, steel beds, bunk beds, day beds and bedroom furniture. Myspace primarily operates in the B2B environment. We assisted Myspace to redo their Google Ads account.


Myspace had been running Google Ads for a number of years, which was managed by another Google Ads expert. Because of lack of communication and the way the account was set up Myspace decided to start over and set up a new Google Ad account from scratch.


To get the best results for Myspace we did the following

Previous Google Ad account Audit
To get a better understanding of what worked in the past (keywords, copy, targeting etc) we did an audit of the previous ad account. This helps us create a Google Ads strategy for the new account.

Setup Conversion Tracking
Made sure Google Analytics was set up correctly and created goals for each conversion action

Keyword Research
Then we did in depth keyword research to find the additional keywords that would bring in the most targeted traffic and get the best results.

Effective Search Ads
Myspace caters to the B2B market so we had to make sure our ad copy attracted the right clicks from the right audience and discouraged household consumers to click on the ads.

Sales Funnel


We were able to create an organized Google Ads account for Myspace . There is a clear increase in product inquiries and Myspace was able to land big contracts as a direct result of the Google Ads campaigns.

Visit MySpace:


"Quinton has done a great job in setting up our google adwords. He has given good advice, high levels of service and is great to work with."


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