How to increase your websites conversion rate.

February 22, 2021

One of the levers that will give you the biggest improvement in your sales, is increasing your conversion rate. Getting more traffic to your website is important and will definitely result in more sales, but more often than not you are paying to get that traffic to the website.

So increasing your conversion rate will always give you the best ROI. For example. Let’s say each sale brings in R500 revenue and you get 10000 people to your website and that costs you R20000, and you have a 1% conversion rate.

10000 x 1% = 100

R500 x 100 = R50000 Revenue

R50000 – R20000 = R30000

Now let’s increase the conversion rate to1.5%:

10000 x 1.5% = 150

R500 x 150 = R75000

R75000 – R20000 = R55000

As you can see a small increase in your conversion rate can lead to a huge increase in Revenue, and it still costs you the same to acquire the traffic.

Here are a few points that will help you increase your conversion rate:

1. Website speed

Having a slow website can really hinder your conversions. If your website loads slower than 3 seconds you are on average, going to lose 40% of the people visiting your website. You can use Google’s free tool to check the speed of your site.

2. Clarity

Use a clean uncluttered theme for your website. When someone lands on your site they should immediately know exactly what your website is about and what sets you apart from your competitors?

Use clear and strong “Calls to Action” CTA’s, make it easy for your website visitors to take the next step in your buyer’s journey

3. Build Trust

Display social proof like customer testimonials and reviews on your website. Also, show industry badges or certificates, this adds to building trust and authority. If you offer guarantees and shipping make sure this is easily found and is clear.

4. Persuasive copy

Do not just list your products and services on your website, remember your site is your number one salesperson. Use copy that your target audience can relate to and will get them to buy or take the next step.

5. Follow up

Most conversions do not take place the first time someone finds your website. So capture website visitors’ contact information by using simple forms, so that you can follow up with them via email. Also, use remarketing ads to stay top of mind and get back in front of potential customers.

There are many other techniques you can use to improve your conversion rate but the important thing is to continuously be testing and tweaking things on your website. Use tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Crazyegg to see what people are doing when they visit your website.

I hope these 5 broader tips will help you get more sales online, if you need any more information, schedule a strategy session and get a free Video Audit of your website.

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