3 FREE Keyword research Tools

June 10, 2020

Most online marketing strategies begins with keyword research. In fact, if you website was built correctly, in depth keyword research would have been done before your website was even built so that it could be structured in a way that supports search engine optimization.

Similarly before you run any Google Ads search campaigns you need to know what keywords you are going to target. In this article I will highlight 5 free keyword research tools that will help you with your keyword research:

Google Keyword Planner

It’s always great to get the information directly from the horse’s mouth – Google. To use this tool you will have to have a Google Ads account.

Go to Tools and Settings inside your account, then under the planning section click “Keyword Planner”

From there you can go to Discover new keywords

Then enter the keyword you want to get ideas for and click get results

This will bring up the results and give you different variations of the keyword.

You will be able to see

  • Average monthly searches
  • Competition
  • Suggested bid (if you’re using Google Ads)

Google Autocomplete

Using Google’s autocomplete is a great technique for getting blog article ideas. All you need to do is type in a keyword related to your business and see which terms Google’s autocomplete suggests. If a term appear in the autocomplete it means those are phrases that people are searching for.

A cool tool that can help with this is Soovle, it provides automatic suggestions from a variety of sources Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube etc

Enter your keyword and you will get a number of automate suggestions you can use to get great ideas.

Answer The Republic

This is an amazing tool, it is free but it does have a paid version. It will provide you with a number of questions that people are asking online and you can use this information to tailor your content.

Enter the keyword you want to get more ideas for. Then the tool will generate 100’s of questions and variations.

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